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Garage Door Springs Repair & Replacement Service

One of the most common issues with modern garage doors is with the springs. The reason why most garage doors have spring issues is because it is the most vulnerable part of the door. Garage door springs are under a tremendous amount of load from the heavy garage door. Plus, each cycle takes its toll. That said, when the spring fails, you need to hire professionals to fix or replace it properly. That’s where our services come in.

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Quick and Professional Garage Door Spring Repair

The quality of our garage door repair service is superior to most. We offer a quick and easy solution to most garage door spring issues, that don’t break the bank. As professionals, the replacement springs we use have been tested and found to be of high quality. That’s why if the spring breaks or it appears worn out, we recommend replacing it. Our experience shows that replacing a spring ensures years of trouble-free service life.

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Garage Door Spring Replacement with the Best Aftermarket Parts

When it comes to replacing a garage door’s spring, the quality of the parts matter. High-quality aftermarket springs, for instance, are rated at around 10k cycles. While they are a bit expensive, it also means you will not have to pay for another replacement just a year later. That’s why when you hire us, not only are you promised professional work but savings in the long term.

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Seasoned Technicians Providing Garage Door Spring Installations Services

As experienced professionals, there is no garage door spring we can’t install, repair, or replace. We have been doing this for years and understand the risks involved with such a job. However, we always use the latest equipment, tools, and methods while working with a team to swiftly provide our clients with a great service. So, if you have a garage door spring that’s giving you problems, feel free to call us today to fix it.

• Our team puts the garage door through a checklist of tests and notes down the results for each test.  The idea behind this is to find faults or potential faults before they become worse.
• The service includes tightening and also replacing defective nuts and bolts.  Lubrication of the pulleys, cables, and rollers along with spring adjustments are made.
• We will also adjust the electric door opener if needed, set the limit switches, and tighten the chain.
• All transmitter and keypad batteries are checked if required then replaced.
• We will also make a note of any safety issues.
• All necessary replacement and repair are discussed with the homeowner before the technicians leave.  That way if the homeowner requires that we undertake those repairs then time and day are scheduled.

Elite Garage Door Maintenance service and repair

The only way to keep your garage door up and running for a long time to come is to maintain it.  We are professionals, and with us maintaining your garage door there is absolutely nothing to worry about.  Call us today to book an appointment

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