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Garage Door Security Tips

Whether you are a home or business owner securing your garage door is indeed a priority.  However, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it.  Whether you want to prevent break-ins or have the peace of mind knowing that your car is safe the tips below should help

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Installing Rolling Code Automatic Garage Door Openers

The latest automatic garage door openers feature what is called a rolling code technology.  It is one of the most secure technologies since the remote automatically changes the security code every time the remote is in use.  So, there is a randomly generated new code each time.  Also, there are 100 billion possible combinations, so the likelihood of someone using a code grabber and using that to open the door are slim.  The opener should feature this technology too for the remote to work.

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Get a Keychain Remote

The idea of garage door security is to make it very difficult for a thief to bypass it.  One way is to get a ‘keychain remote’ opener.  Discontinue the use of a remote which is clipped to the visor.  The reason being that the one sticking to your visor can be just as easily stolen and used to get inside the home.  On the other hand, a ‘keychain remote’ opener is something that will remain in your pocket.  You’ll only use it when needed.

Use a Sturdy Garage Door

Regardless of how high-tech your garage door maybe if it is made out of weak material then it is easy to break through.  Most thieves aren’t very brilliant, and so for them, a hammer or ax is the tool of choice.  So, if your garage door is made from low-quality wood that makes their life easier.  Ideally, you’ll want to have a steel garage door which is near impossible to break into with an ax.  The only way anyone is getting through it is with a blowtorch.

Use a Padlock on The Latch

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The best way to keep the garage door secure from the inside is to padlock the throw latch.  Now, this is especially important if you are going out of town or for an extended period.  Though make sure to use a high-quality lock that isn’t easy to break through.  The same goes for your front door since your home is only as secure as the front door.

Cover the Garage Door’s Windows

You have two options here either to frost it or to cover it.  Most thieves will do a bit of recon before they break into your garage.  That recon is easier when they look through the window.  When you frost the window, they can’t see inside, and so they don’t know what’s going on.  Also, they can’t figure out if it would be profitable for them to break in, in the first place.  Alternatively, you can install a garage door which does not have a window.

Get Professional Maintenance

Finally, professional maintenance is key to ensuring that your garage door is secure and can’t be tampered with.  That’s something we can help you with as our experts are just one call away.

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