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Garage Door Rollers Replacement

Most if not all modern garage doors consist of many different moving parts.  All parts need to be working efficiently for you to get the best, most reliable performance from the garage door.  However, out of all the parts the rollers, and the tracks are some of the most important.  If one of these parts fail, your garage door will not work.  That said we strongly advise that home and business owners always schedule an annual roller inspection.  Though if you’ve never scheduled an inspection and your rollers have suddenly failed they almost certainly need to be replaced.

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Garage Door Rollers Repair - Elite Garage Door

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Elite Garage Door Repair specializes in all things garage door related which include garage door rollers replacement.  Roller replacement is often seen as being part of regular maintenance since they undergo a great deal of wear and tear.  That said not only is professional replacement imperative but so is using the best quality aftermarket rollers.  In both cases, you need professionals like us.

Fast Garage Door Roller Replacement - Elite Garage Door
Garage Doors Roller Replacement - Elite Garage Door

You Should Always Schedule a Replacement

When the garage door is on track, you activate the door to open it; the torsion springs will get into action to wind up and to pull the door up along its tracks.  The rollers run across the tracks to reduce friction and improve the rolling.  An issue with the rollers can prevent them from lowering and rising.  In extreme cases where the rollers have sustained severe damage, it can cause the garage door to fall. So, you never want it to get that bad.

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No Problem too Big

The best way to prevent having to go through complete garage door rollers replacement is to schedule an annual inspection.  An inspection helps to spot the warning signs of rollers wearing out.  Plus, our professionals can provide the required preventive maintenance which extends the life of the rollers.

How to Check if Garage Door Rollers Replacement is Needed?

The definitive way is to hire professionals like us who will inspect the garage door thoroughly.  That said there are a couple of signs which will help you spot a problem with the garage door’s rollers.  Some common symptoms are a somewhat rough operating of the garage door, i.e., closing and opening.
• A loud whine as the door is operated.
• Partial lowering and rising. You need to push the door to move further.
If the garage door is unusually loud, you may also want to replace the existing rollers with ones that are quieter.  Quieter rollers are often made from nylon. There may be many other reasons why you need garage door rollers replacement, but regardless we are the professionals for the job.

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If your garage door rollers are not working as it should or if the garage door seems to be malfunctioning, then call us right away.  In our experience the more time you waste or, the more you procrastinate the problem becomes worse.  Also, bad garage door rollers can cause other parts to wear out soon too.  So, fixing it in time will save you a lot of money and from the hassle of dealing with a broken-down garage door.

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