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Garage Door Bent Panels - Repair & Replacement Services - Elite Garage Door

Garage Door Bent Panels – Repair & Replacement

Does your garage door have bent panels?  Is it affecting the way the door looks and works?  Well, the good news is that our garage door bent panels repair can help you right away.  Whether the panels were bent because of an accident or wear and tear, our team of professionals will be at your doorstep prepared to repair it in no time.

Bent Garage Door Panels - Repair - Elite Garage Door
Damaged Garage Door Panel Repair - Elite Garage Door

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Garage Door Bent Panels Replacement or A New Door?

Generally speaking, the bottom panels are the most vulnerable to damage.  In 90% of the times, we are called to replace the bottom panels.  However, now and then depending on the size and type of garage door the upper panels may also need replacing.  While you may be tempted to do it yourself, we strongly advise against it as it can end up doing more harm than good.  Not to mention the fact that we back our garage door bent panels repair with a warranty.

We rarely ever recommend a garage door replacement if a couple of panels are damaged.  If you only have one or two damaged panels or perhaps they have become rusty then replacing them makes sense.  However, if there are more than two panels that need replacing that can cost nearly as much as a new door.  In that case, we recommend replacing the entire door.  The significant advantage of which is that it is new and will last you longer.  It can especially be the case if the door is getting rusty.

Dented Garage Door Repair and Replacement Services
Garage Door Broken Panels Repair - Elite Garage Door

Garage Door Broken Panels Repair – Elite Garage Door

Then there is also the fact that many garage doors, i.e., ones older than 15 years for which the manufacturer does not sell replacement panels.  We have come across garage doors for which the panels are unavailable.  If that’s the case then again, the entire door will have to be replaced.  Sometimes there may be irreparable damage to the garage door which is impacting its functionality, if that is the case then replacing the panel isn’t going to correct the issue.  Plus, it can render the garage door unsafe to operate.  Regardless, we see a panel replacement as being a temporary fix in some cases and will advise homeowners accordingly. If you want to go ahead and replace the entire door, we will do that too.

Garage Door Panels - Repair - Elite Garage Door

Garage Door Bottom Panel Replacement Technique

In the garage door service industry, the vast majority of damage is done to the bottom panels.  However, replacing the bottom panels is a multi-step, technical process.  It requires knowledge of the door itself and an understanding of how to ensure that the replacement is durable.  We also need to find a compatible panel so that it fits precisely and does not impact the functioning of the door.

Bent Garage Door Panels - Repair Services Elite Garage Door

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If you want a professional garage door bent panels replacement and repair service, then we are the professionals for the job.  Over ten years of experience and a team of highly trained professionals means that there is no garage door panel we can’t replace.  Call us today for a quote.

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