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New Garage Doors

Attractive new garage doors don’t just add beauty to your property, but it also improves its value.  Not to mention the fact that it provides secure and reliable access to your garage while ensuring curb appeal.  Whether you want to enhance the value of your home, replace an aging garage door or want something that’s up to date we can help you.

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Our Team Of Specialists Comes Fully Prepared To Tackle Any Problem

We are one of the leading expert garage door services in Utah.  Our team consists of professionals who have been providing repairs and installations for over a decade.  So, not only can they install a garage door of your choice but also make recommendations.  The recommendations are based on your budget and the type of security you want.  Plus, it goes without saying that  new garage doors that are installed correctly will last for years to come.

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How We Install New Garage Doors?

Garage door installation is often a complicated and precise process which is why home and business owners should leave this job to the professionals.  However, since we get asked a lot about how we install a new garage door below is a brief overview of the process.
• Installing the door requires an initial track placement.  Once we have measured the dimensions of the garage, our team will place tracks along the walls.  We take the headroom, door type, and the space into account for the door’s optimal operation.
• The next step is to install the door.  The door panels are put in place by our team, one panel at a time.  They make sure that each one is connected to the other using quality hinges and screws.  The new door is assembled on site to make sure that it fits snugly and also operates as desired.
• Finally, it is time to install the opener.  We usually have an expert opener installer who will perform a lube and tune-up of the garage door opener before connecting the new door.  Once we have put everything in place, it is time to enjoy your new garage door.

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Types of New Garage Doors to Consider

When you are in the market for  new garage doors, there are a couple of things you need to consider.  For starters you’ll want durability, you’ll also want one that’s secure, and finally, it should have all the features you desire. Generally, garage doors can be categorized into three types, i.e., steel, carriage and wood doors

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Steel garage doors are heavy but offer the most protection especially ones that are well insulated.  Wood looks great but may not provide the best protection. Plus wood garage doors are expensive.  Carriage garage door style is an excellent choice if you’re into more of the countryside aesthetic.  They look like those old-fashioned doors that open outwards but will function like overhead garage doors.

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