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Garage Door Maintenance Service - Elite Garage Door

Garage Door Maintenance

The only sure way to keep any garage door performing optimally and reliably is with regular maintenance.  Most people make the mistake of overlooking annual maintenance.  However, that ends up causing them to spend more money on repairs and garage door replacement later on.  Not to mention the amount of time and frustration involved.  Our garage door maintenance services are meant to save you time, money and frustration.

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Our Team Of Specialists Comes Fully Prepared To Tackle Any Problem

A Full-Service Company with an Excellent Track Record

The garage door is arguably the largest and also the most massive machine in your home.  If not appropriately serviced it can also be dangerous.  Elite Garage Door Repair offers a professional garage door maintenance service to ensure its safe and proper functioning.

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A Team of Trusted Professionals

We have been providing garage door replacement, installation and maintenance services for a very long time.  Our team of consists of the most experienced and professional technicians in the business.  Each team member is certified, well trained and experienced. So, they have what it takes to find and fix any issue.  Not to mention the fact that they can quickly put your garage door through a battery of necessary tests to detect possible issues.

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No Problem too Big

If there are potential issues, you are informed, and they are addressed.  Plus, they take care of necessary maintenance work like lubrication.  So, you never have to worry about if the garage door will work like it should multiple times a day and 365 days a year!  That’s a guarantee!

What Does our Maintenance Program Include?

• Our team puts the garage door through a checklist of tests and notes down the results for each test.  The idea behind this is to find faults or potential faults before they become worse.
• The service includes tightening and also replacing defective nuts and bolts.  Lubrication of the pulleys, cables, and rollers along with spring adjustments are made.
• We will also adjust the electric door opener if needed, set the limit switches, and tighten the chain.
• All transmitter and keypad batteries are checked if required then replaced.
• We will also make a note of any safety issues.
• All necessary replacement and repair are discussed with the homeowner before the technicians leave.  That way if the homeowner requires that we undertake those repairs then time and day are scheduled.

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Why Choose Us Vs. DIY?

We know of many homeowners who assume that they can go through a checklist of tests of their own.  The problem with that approach is that you don’t know what you look for.  Are you are able to tell the difference between the usual whining of the garage door belt and one that is worn out?  If not then most of these checks will be pointless.  That is why you need a team of certified professionals like ourselves to handle this for you

Call us for Regular Maintenance

The only way to keep your garage door up and running for a long time to come is to maintain it.  We are professionals, and with us maintaining your garage door there is absolutely nothing to worry about.  Call us today to book an appointment

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