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Garage Door Cables and Drums Replacment - Elite Garage Doors

Emergency Garage Door Repair

The garage door cables are some of the most durable moving parts of the system.  However, over time these too can wear out and will have to be replaced or repaired.  That said fixing the garage door cables is a complicated job.  It requires (depending on the type of garage door) a unique set of tools and a team to undertake various aspects of disassembly and installation.  Fortunately, Elite Garage Door has you covered.

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Our Team Of Specialists Comes Fully Prepared To Tackle Any Problem

A Full-Service Company with an Excellent Track Record

We are one of the most reputed garage door experts in Utah.  Our team comprises of highly experienced, and fully certified professionals.  Not only can we replace and repair your garage door cables but can also thoroughly inspect the door for other faults.  An inspection will reveal if other associated parts are failing. If those parts are failing, we can arrange for them to be replaced too if you approve.

Emergency Garage Door Cable Repair
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Why Garage Door Cables Need Replacement?

Garage door cables are generally attached to the bottom half in the form of a coil around a drum with a torsion spring.  There are also some garage doors that use an extension spring with the cables durably attached to the bottom bracket.  The cables go above the pulley and later through it on the extension spring.  The cables can also go through the center of the extension spring which prevents the spring from being hurled through the garage if it breaks.

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No Problem too Big

If the garage door cables fail then the entire door will fail.  The system will be unable to lift the garage door.  Since the cables are under tension, it is essential that you never undertake the repairs yourself.  Trying to fix a broken cable on your own can cause both personal and property damage.  Fortunately, garage door cable repair & replacement is not expensive.

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A Top Brass Team

We pride ourselves on being one of the leading if not the leading garage door services in Utah.  Being a leading service means that cable repair & replacement is just one part of the many services we offer.  We offer many other services which include new garage door installation, maintenance, inspection, and repairs.

Our team consists of fully certified and experienced garage door professionals.  Over the years our professionals have fixed and installed scores of garage doors. So, whether you need a cable fixed or the entire door replaced, we are the professionals you should call.

Quick and Efficient Service

We believe in the fact that our clients’ time is valuable.  So, we work as a team to swiftly fix and replace the required parts to get the garage door working like it should.  We will also provide you with information regarding keeping your garage door maintained as well as professional maintenance.

Call us Today

Whether your garage door cable has snapped, is worn or there is some other problem we can help you.  Call us today to get a quote for the required job or to call us for repairs.  We will send over a team right away!

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