How to Balance Your Residential Garage Door?

//How to Balance Your Residential Garage Door?

How to Balance Your Residential Garage Door?

Do you think that the garage door isn’t sitting quite right? If that is the case, then your residential garage door will have to be balanced. It goes without saying that an unbalanced garage door puts a great deal of stress on the door’s mechanism and so it increases the chances of potential issues.  That’s why you’ll want to balance the door as soon as possible. If you aren’t sure how to balance the garage door, we run through a couple of things you can do below.

Why You Need to Balance a Residential Garage Door?

Well, you can check if the door needs to be balanced by lifting the door slightly more than halfway and then releasing it. When released, it should be lowered by around four feet above the ground. If it is stopping any higher than four feet or lower than three feet, the garage door needs to be balanced.

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How to Balance the Extension Spring?

You will need a step ladder that will hold the door open, and consequently, take some pressure off the spring. Then slowly move the spring to a point where the door needs to be balanced. When moving, it ensure that the spring is tension free. If the door is going lower than it should and quicker than it should, then move the spring to a higher hole of the bracket. If it is going up too fast or perhaps too far, then move the spring down. Make sure to adjust both sides of the door, ensuring that they are parallel.

Once you do this test the door to see if it is balanced. If it still isn’t then run through the procedure again. Once you are satisfied, the door can be closed, use a level tool to make sure that both sides of the garage door are touching the ground evenly. If it isn’t, then adjust the tension of the spring.

Working on a Garage Door is Dangerous

Undertaking any type of garage door work is dangerous. Residential garage doors are under a tremendous amount of pressure, and they weigh several hundred tonnes. If you don’t have any experience working with tools or working on a garage door, it is best to hire a team of professionals. The good news is that balancing a garage door does not take long and so it isn’t very expensive. However, it does help you save money on consequent repairs if it is done right and on time.

Important Note: Many of the latest doors now use torsion springs, which is dangerous if not handled properly. If your residential garage door uses a torsion spring, then it is best to hire a team of experts, i.e. us to help balance the door.

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